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Type your " From Incurable to Incredible is a book that everyone should read because it is filled with the wisdom of those who have confronted their mortality and let it become their teacher." -- Bernie Siegel, M.D.-Best-selling author of Love, Medicine and Miracles; Faith, Hope and Healing, and dozens of other books. From Incurable to Incredible features 27 stories of cancer survivors who shocked everyone by overcoming a terminal prognosis.

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With her heart set on competing at the Olympics, Cindi Hart’s dreams were derailed when a head-on collision nearly killed her; leaving her broken and bleeding on the pavement. When all seems to be back on track, she is devastated to learn she has cancer. Others facing this reality may struggle with ‘Why me?’, however, Cindi decided to find her inner strength and fight for her life. She found purpose in the wreckage; Cindi brings her experiences together to pay it forward.

Dreams and determination unite to make sense of unexpected turns: traveling with Special Olympians, overcoming feelings of loss from altered body image, raising a blossoming child and building an organization to spread messages of hope nationwide. Cindi is determined to leave a legacy, despite the obstacles in her path.

This is a journey of a life determined

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Diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant with her fourth child, Heidi Floyd presents a message of faith in God's promises in all circumstances. In her words, this book will help the reader see ''how to start a new relationship with God--even if you've had one your whole life.'' These meditations infuse humor and reflection with faith as they reveal how God answered Heidi's prayers throughout her life as a wife, mother, friend, and survivor. (P.S. The baby is now a healthy, happy six-year-old!)

-Heidi Floyd-

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A cancer survivor chronicles ride through the ups and downs of dealing with his prostate cancer diagnosis and how he relied on family, friends, faith-and his bicycle-to see him through to become a survivor.

Within the opening pages of her first book, Becky Olson catapults the reader into a world that overcomes humanity’s greatest fears and desires. She makes us all realize that the world we live in is not about surviving — but about living. With tasteful wit and luminous insight, Olson weaves an intelligent, poignant and spellbinding story. Through her eyes and experiences, she helps us to remember the most important things in life: faith, love, family, courage and most of all — hope. From Part One: The Hat That Saved My Life; Part Two: Inspirations For You, The Survivor; and Part Three: Help For You, The Friend, Olson journeys through the gauntlet of friendship and loneliness, valor and self-doubt, laughter and disappointment, sickness and healing. Her meditative observations are bound to encourage readers for generations to come. Inspiring from the first few sentences, Olson’s melodic story hammers an emotional key that cannot fail to strike a chord within all of us.

If you have received an incurable cancer diagnosis, hearing about someone “who made it” is like spotting a rescue ship when you’re drowning in a stormy sea. Miracle Survivors provides that lifeline with a collection of stories of cancer survivors who were given a terminal diagnosis but shocked everyone by thriving years past their prognoses. These “miracle survivors” have different cancers and circumstances, but share a poor prognosis and incredible drive to overcome it.


This collection is the intersection of the author’s experiences living with a chronic form of leukemia, his triathlon and multisport lifestyle, and his overall passion for living life to the fullest. Brown walks his readers through his initial diagnosis and subsequent chemotherapy treatments through the years. Also included are chapters as told by Brown's wife and two daughters. In the words of Steve Brown, “I made a very early decision and commitment to live this story quite publicly. I wanted to be a voice and I wanted to lead by example