Spokes of Hope


Spokes of Hope - Riding in Honor, Living in Memory

Spokes of Hope - Riding in Honor, Living in Memory

Cancer is not contagious, but hope is. Thanks for spreading the HOPE!

Spokes of Hope is not a business. It is a 100% volunteer organization that is making a difference in the way cancer is survived and treated.

Your contributions will make a direct impact on lives that have been devastated by cancer.

See the "What we do" page to see the Spokes projects that need funding.

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video project:
Breast Cancer Surgery preparation video: Combining both medical and survivor experience, Spokes of Hope is planning on making a huge difference in lives facing the traumatic breast surgery. There is a huge gap in patient education in preparation for partial and full mastectomies. This is gap that we can fill. We invite you to help us reach and teach patients and caregivers in how to prepare for, endure and recover from this surgery. We need help in the production costs to create DVDs that can be handed to the patients in the physician’s office so that they can go home and prepare for what lies ahead for them.
Cancer Caps:
Chemotherapy often strips us of our dignity as well as our hair. Therefore Spokes of Hope has designed special cycling caps that are perfect for cancer patients. They are soft, wicking fabric with bright hopeful colors. They conform well to the crown of the head and have a soft terry head band around the inside of the brim.
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